Introspection: What’s your sign?

Do we, as a society, have time for introspection?  The speed of life is well beyond 55 mph, and just based on personal experience, it often feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to do anything.  But taking the time to introspect is a necessary in forming and maintaining worthwhile relationships, as well as maximizing communication with those around you.

How, you wonder?  If you understand what drives you; what triggers you; what things make you happy, what makes you sad; what makes you angry; then you can be ahead of the game when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

But unfortunately, our fast paced lives make it extremely difficult for anyone to pause and take inventory of themselves and their motivations.  We are forced to be highly reactionary.  We usually give knee jerk reactions to what is placed in front of us; not considering the hurtful, dismissive, passive aggressive or apathetic quality of our responses.  Many of us do what we do or say what we say; rarely remembering our responses and our family and friends around us have to deal with the aftermath.

This is a common problem.  But I do have a solution.  And it relates to a very hackneyed and cliché question; what’s your sign?  No, really, I’m serious.  Aside from being a poor way to break the ice, it actually can be the key to the gateway of knowing one’s self.  Astrological zodiac, Chinese zodiac and many others can define one’s personality explicitly based on the month, year, and hour you were born; and delve even deeper still.

What’s your sign usually refers to one’s astrological sign, associated with the twelve months of the year, for those of you that are not aware.  This is an excellent place to begin.  Look up your sign based on your birth date and then read the general description.  That general description can lead one to ask questions about one’s self.  Does the description fit you exactly?  Are there aspects that fit you or is it completely wrong?  One must also keep in mind that which part of the month that you were born can also make a difference.

Now, I am not saying that you should jump online every morning and read your horoscope before you step out of your home.  I am merely suggesting this as a way of opening up one’s eyes and looking within for the answers to the questions in our lives.



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