Author Biography By Sedrik Cannady

From an early start in life, Sidra was interested in two things: movies and reading.  As she grew, so did her talents.  With her first love being books, she was mostly inspired by her affinity for a good story.  As with all artists, her inspirations also came from her environment and moods.  In school, she was picked most often to read aloud in class.  All the while, inside an author was evolving.  Poetry finds it spots but often times, there’s a story to tell.  Daily soap operas, sitcoms, and a deep wealth of fiction writers laid the foundation for the next up and coming novelist.

Sidra didn’t get her writing feet wet until she dipped them into the pool of pen and paper games.  She co-wrote a lost manuscript with her long-term boyfriend, who is also an inspiring writer.  They wrote over 10,000 pages, and though all was lost, she was only just beginning.  Her next phase took her into writing fanatic fictions from an online game, and while her writing was controversial to say the least, it was still regaled for years afterwards, even to this very day by family and friends, who had a profound and lasting reaction to what she had written.

After many tests in the shallow end of writing, Sidra soon after created her own works of literary art, which fell victim to a dated computer.  Though her work was yet again lost, she was still finding her way, and soon took a class on creative writing.  This created the first and very controversial piece titled “Hips”, where a biological clock is not just a woman thing.

Sidra Owens has written many pieces over the past 5 years, finally being able to break the surface into the deep end of fiction.  Her titles include, “Miseducation”, a series titled, “The Insect Chronicles”, and the first work she plans to publicly release entitled, “A Haven Amidst Perdition;” where a young black girl in the south, must find love amid an emotional roller coaster of hate, sex, bigotry, and questionable romances.  Pushed down multiple times, Sidra Owens’ work will only evolve and rise into greatness.