Be The Crow

Be the Crow.  Have you ever observed crows in the road when you’re driving?  I do not have an excess of experience with wild life, but it seems to me that crows are some of the most fearless and dominating birds walking around.  They ignore humans, whether inside or outside of a vehicle.  They genuinely don’t care about anything other than their goal at hand and seem to be in no real hurry, no matter how close your car is when you pass them.  Crows create their own lane in life, and they may have to hop off of it for a moment, but they usually return to it to retrieve whatever their senses have honed in on.

As people, we figure out early on that life is nothing but a series of lanes.  Upon reaching adulthood, we get on the acceleration ramp and merge into traffic, joining the rest of the human race, all moving in the same direction; forward. And just like driving, we learn that we can change lanes safely or be reckless and cut someone off.  Another skill we learn is how to box someone in.  We learn how to keep other drivers where we want them to be; and we experience being boxed in by others.  When we are all travelling down the same road, at the same time, at the same pace, the hardest thing to do is to create your own lane.

When someone decides to go their own way, others are usually wary of it, the naysay it and just may fight you every step of the way.  You might be labeled as impractical, a troublemaker, an agitator; anything to deter you and keep you in a predetermined lane.

Bearing that in mind, it occurs to me that, we as people, should be more like crows.  Crows choose their lane; whether it’s forward, backward, or straight up, soaring high, off to the next adventure.  It can be difficult and scary to make your own lane; to go your own way.  And there will always be more than enough people to deter you and to give every excuse why your lane, is the lane to nowhere.  Don’t let them deter you.  Be the crow.  Keep your focus and pursue whatever it is your senses have honed in on.  Crows can be vexing.  They search and seek wherever they please, looking at things that you and I can’t see, but they live and they thrive.  And isn’t living the entire reason why we’re here.

So, put on your off road tires and drive down the median towards your destiny; and if the ground beneath you comes to an end, spread your wings and take to the sky.  You will be in good company.





3 thoughts on “Be The Crow

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  2. Yes, I know. I was struck by what you wrote and had to link you to my post. It really made me think about how early on in life, we teach children that whole ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ mentality when the’re young, but as soon as they a get a year or two under their belts in school, we introduce them to the race. Make them feel like lesser, just because they committed the sin of growing up. My life partner experienced this at the hands of his family first, and we work hard to not do this to our daughter and be her advocates so that no one else does it to her either.


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