The Wicked Orchard

What is the wicked orchard?  Truthfully, a better question to ask is, “Where is the wicked orchard?”  I am more than happy to tell you.

The wicked orchard lies one step across the dividing line in all of us.  The line that demarks the reasonable from the unreasonable; the rational from the irrational; and the conservative from the non-conformist.

It’s that part of us that watches scary movies, because we like to be scared; or who rides roller coasters for that difficult-to-replicate rush.  It’s the thrilling, the tantalizing, the titillating and the tempting part of us that we keep tucked away in a little box; only to be released for special occasions, if it ever gets released at all.

It’s those scandalous thoughts we chase away for the sake of conformity; shrouding them in a Pandora’s box of fear and shame.  Take heart that indulging is truly ok.  You are safe in the Wicked Orchard.  There’s no need for fear.  The words that lie within are mine own, so feel free to enjoy.  Thumb through the pages of my many universes.  Swim through my fantasies and awaken in my dreams.  You are safe.  No one can make you go any further than you want to and, there is no one to stop you from going even further.

Dust off that box of sinful curiosity.  I won’t tell if you won’t.