Is it safe…

sidra owens | Welcome To The Wicked Orchard

You know, safety is a great thing.  Keeping your doors locked at night
is safe.  Being aware of your surroundings when you’re out in the
world is safe.  Feeling safe and being safe can sometimes be a luxury
that once lost, cannot be recovered for some.  I think we can all
agree that safety has its well-respected place.

But sometimes, safe is boring.  Safe is traditional, conventional and
confining.  Those who are safe in their thinking may not take the
necessary risks to succeed. And risk is frightening.  Fear of the
unknown, fear of something you aren’t used to can send your running
back to the warmth and comfort of a safe existence.

With all that being said; let me address what you will find here.  I
write about neither the safe, nor the traditional.  My stories address
situations that many would never think about.  And if they did, they
would be considered risqué, perverse or unreasonable.  On the outside,
they may reject it in an attempt to appear normal.  But my characters
live in a world that exists well outside the norm.  And their actions
and decisions will make you uncomfortable.  In truth, that is the
intent.  Delve with me into a world of tantalizing endeavors and twisted realities.  You maybe uneasy while reading but you will not be able to avert your eyes.  The wicked orchard is deemed as such for a reason.