Tea Tree Oil: A Friend to Skin.

Home remedies have been around forever.  As time has passed with advent of so many groundbreaking and society changing medical discoveries, many of those remedies have faded into the obscurity of time.

With the addition of so many unnecessary ingredients to our water, produce, and meats that lead to so many highly debilitating and life shortening diseases, there has been a grand return to these home remedies; to lengthen and improve lives without all of the side effects.  Often times, those old school remedies work better than those prescribed by your primary care physician.  I am going to discuss another one of those remedies: Melaleuca alternifolia, also known as tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil does amazing things for the skin, especially irritated, damaged, dry, and itchy skin.  Anecdotal evidence on the way.

Case #1:

My daughter complains that her armpit hurts.  So naturally, I tell her to take of her shirt so I can take a look.  When she lifts her arm, I can see that she has a landscape of fine red bumps under her armpit and down her side.  Even though, she never complained about itching, I first tried applying hydrocortisone with zero result.  And her complaints about pain associated with the rash, led me to consider a possible skin affection.  I decided that I would apply tea tree oil to the rash before school and before bed, and if it had no improved in a few days then we would venture to the pediatrician.  Within two days she was no longer complaining of pain, and two days later, the rash was gone.

Case #2:

I, like many, have adult onset acne.  This means I have to be careful what type of moisturizers I put on my oily face, or else will have painful break outs.  After finding an inexpensive, non-pore clogging lotion for my face, I decided to mix it with tea tree oil, after researching that the oil was good for acne.  And I am so glad I did.  I can mix the oil with the lotion without it feeling greasy, and my outbreaks have reduced greatly, which also means I have fewer acne scars.  One step further, if I do have an outbreak, I can apply the oil directly to it, and not only will it sooth it, it will reduce the pimples lifespan.

Case 3#:

I have allergies and therefore, itchy skin and therefore, itchy ears.  Terribly, incessantly itchy ears, and my poor daughter has the same affliction.  So, as a short term remedy, I will drop two drops of tea tree oil in our ears, and after a couple of days it diminishing the itching and we are not constantly digging in our ears.  One word of caution, dilute with a carrier oil, because tea tree oil can burn irritated skin and that causes a seven year old to resist this treatment.

Case #4:

I had my second ear piercing done years ago, but I have neglected keeping an earring in the second set of holes, so over time, they would partially close up.  So, whenever I got a wild hair to wear earrings, they would hurt going in and generally be uncomfortable.  One day, after acquiring a set of inexpensive stainless steel studs, I cleaned the posts, covered them in tea tree oil and slid them into my ear.  Yes, it was a little painful, but the discomfort was minimal and after a day, my ears felt like I’d been wearing ear rings in them all along.

There you have it.  My four anecdotal case studies displaying the healing and soothing capability of tea tree oil.  I can’t live without the stuff now.  I always have a bottle on hand, because you never know when your skin might act up.  Please understand, I’m not saying that traditional medical solutions are wrong or obsolete; not at all.  It’s just always good to have a first line of defense when something arises.  A household armed with frankincense, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and now, tea tree oil will always a healthy step ahead.


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