Do the work and Don’t Forget to Breathe!

I haven’t been active on WordPress for a while.  After I published my book back in April (#ahavenamdistperdition), the ball, as they say, has been slowly rolling.  I often find myself briefly tangled in a small conundrum.  The book is written, the book is published and now…. Ahhh, I can breathe and just create more fiction.

If only it were that simple.  It isn’t.  The truth is, no matter how tempting one’s laurels are or how comfortable resting on them may be, none of us can afford to do so.

Being a self-published author means that I am the writer, editor, publisher, agent, fundraiser, event planner, etc, etc, etc….  (Did anyone catch the reference to “The King and I???”, anyway, I digress).  At one point, I thought that the entire process of writing was ‘doing the work’, but for me, the work comes after the story is written.

And I have not been visiting my WordPress site, because I have been trying to ‘do the work’ on other fronts; not only by putting my work out there, but by putting me, my face, out there, too.

I had my first book reading back in September, and it was a wonderful experience.  It is gratifying to get feedback from those outside of your immediate life circle.

So, in the spirit of ‘doing the work’, I am going to spend a little more time on WordPress.  I’m hoping to post at least once a week.  I think on some level I got a little discouraged; not knowing exactly how to proceed; but I’ve got it figured out now.  Just keep ‘doing the work’ and figuring out other ways to ‘do the work’ and I can’t go wrong.

By now, you might be thinking, “What the hell does she mean… ‘doing the work’?”  Well, nothing good is going to happen by doing nothing.  One had to research the best way to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish, for me, it is marketing my novel and writings.  Then you have to vet that research and discern what is best for you.  Sometimes tips will work, sometimes they won’t.  Then you have to try out what you’ve narrowed down and see what happens.  If it works, great, it not; try again.  Take another avenue.  And if it does work… try again and still try another avenue.  And remember to breathe.  Don’t get bogged down and in layers of minutia.  If you feel the waters getting murky, step back and breathe until you can resume your course.  I think that is what I had to do by taking an extended time away from WordPress; I was taking a breather.

The succinct message that I want you all to gleam from this rambling is that I am back on WordPress.  I am ‘doing the work’ and last, but not least, don’t forget to breathe.

Hmmm… breathe.   I think I’ve mentioned that one before!

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3 thoughts on “Do the work and Don’t Forget to Breathe!

  1. Ahhh…the life of a self published author… yes it is a lot of work especially after publishing. You have to change so many hats… but is an adventure and u learn so much along the way. It is hard work but I love the journey…congratulations on your novel!!!❤

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