The Way It Is, The Way It Should Be

Occasionally, when you read my blog posts and definitely, if you listen to discussions between Sedrik Cannady and myself on Comparative Reasoning, you hear many of the same themes repeated, over and over. Some might call it repetitious rhetoric or perfunctory propaganda, democratic and republican corporatists mainly, but it’s none of that. It’s all the truth. The country would be better, the world would be better, if the people would simply be better. The thought that improving the circumstances for the many will improve them for the few seems to be speedily getting lost. It’s as if, universally, selfish assholes are on running some unseen race and the first to destroy society globally wins. Maybe they think they’ll be rewarded in heaven… Shit, no matter what you believe whether it’s pearly gates opening for you, nirvana, re-incarnation or nothing at all, ill deeds will never reap positive rewards.
That’s particularly why I like writing fiction. Because the necessary justice required to make all the crookeds straight, is at my fingertips. My domain, the facebook page, my youtube page and the landscape that is my imagination, is not a realm of questionable ambiguity, of forced morals or rhetorical conversations about how to solve problems that no one really wants to solve.
In the wicked orchard, wrongs are punished, swiftly. And the haves may get over on the have nots, but they will not do it for long. And… judgement does not come via conversations, discussions, debates, elections or back room deals. Resolutions in the wicked orchard are far more direct, far more finite and always satisfying.
Take a listen to Comparative Reasoning (on Youtube, to get a view of how things are; all the unfortunate truthes that assault us everyday.
And then, take a listen to The Wicked Orchard (on Youtube, to get a dose of how it should be.

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