My First Review!

I know to some this may be a small milestone, but for me, this is another step in a long journey and dream that is slowly coming true.

I have spoken to the person, who left the review, and the thing that is more gratifying than a sale, is the fact that they really enjoyed my novel. They loved the characters and went along for the ride that I created.




2 thoughts on “My First Review!

  1. Comments from our readers are better than gold. A good review motivates an author to keep writing. Congratulations on the comments. I bet many more will follow.😁


  2. I am not a reader but this book kept my attention. I read the entire book within a few days. I felt like I was there watching Eve, Mae Evelyn, Bear, and Latham. All the events that happened really made me want to find out what was next. Thanks Sidra for writing this novel and sharing it with the public. I look forward to reading more of your books. I would to see what the future holds for Eve and Latham and the twins.


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