Necessity is the mother of invention.

That is an understatement.

When I realized that I could write letters, send queries, beg and plead to literary agents and publishers alike, to read my work, or I could self-publish and spend that energy promoting my already published work, I underestimated the number of roadblocks that I would be encountering.

They are numerous.  The time where people were eager to take a chance on an unknown are fading if not gone.  Personally, you’d think an independent bookstore; a bookstore who is fighting the good fight against franchised mega-conglomerates, would be the first to throw their hat into the ring and give a self-published author a shot.  But much to my dismay, most are not.  Not all but most.

So, it is my job to not only be, author, editor, and self-publisher; I must also put on the hat of event planner.

I am planning a book reading, with music and a book signing at the end.  I am excited and will be updating progressively, as it nears.

I am also open to suggestions.  I know that there are a lot of writers, poets and storytellers out there, and if any of you have any ideas or suggestions regarding self-promotion, I would deeply appreciate it.

I have also published my new novel on Kobo.  Now it is available for purchase on Kobo as well for you avid e-readers.  I’ll be placing that link along with the others links for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Outskirts Press.







-If you have enjoyed my commentary or my short stories, then please check out my youtube channel, The Wicked Orchard; where you can listen to me read my short stories

-And don’t forget to check out Comparative Reasoning here on wordpress for written commentary on a whole hosts of topics.

-If you’d rather listen than read, definitely check out Comparative Reasoning on youtube, where you’ll hear of earful of social, economic and political commentary.

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