Mother’s Day… Re-imagined.

For most of you, and for your parents and your grandparents, mother’s day has always been around.  It’s not a religious holiday or a pagan holiday, and it started out with the best of intentions.  One woman wanted to pay homage to one mother, he own mother, hence the spelling, mother’s day, not mothers day.  But of course, like many things in this country and society, it was bastardized and wrapped in pretty packages, covered in flowers, cards and trips to golden coral.

If you want to know the sad truth behind it, check out this link:

But this all leads to a conversation that I have had with my boyfriend many times; when it comes to holidays, there is no rule or law that says we have to celebrate for the reason that it was initiated, or for the reason that it is currently known for.

This may seem silly and naïve to some, but I think you can remake and re-imagine any holiday the way you see fit, as long as it make you happy and doesn’t harm anyone else.

There are greek and roman festivals thought to be in celebration of mothers, like mother’s day; and they have been celebrated for thousands of years.

I guess what I am trying to say is, do not give in to the commercialism, but instead, revel in the spirit of the day.  Yes, it can be a day of thanks, but more than that, it can be a day of quiet reflection.  A time for children of a cognitive age to reflect on the all the times mom made them happy, made them sad, lifted them up, disciplined them, and comforted their broken hearts.  Not all mothers are ideal, and not all mothers are cut out for parenting, but I think optimistically, 90% of mothers do the best they can, especially since we are operating without a net.

The relationship between mother and child, son or daughter, is not an easy one.  It will always be a direct clash between independence and guidance.  Hopefully, on days like this, we children can stop a moment and say, I understand what you’ve been getting at mom, and I know that you tried.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  Of course, I’m a mom and a child, with powerful and intricate dynamics on both sides of the coin; dynamics that I can never explain in words; the emotions are just too numerous and run to deep.

So for all of you, who can hold your mom in your arms, and for all of those, who can only hold her in your memories, Happy Mother’s Day.  May a smile and a tear warm your heart today.


PS:  Don’t feel left out daddies.  Believe me, I will give you your due on Father’s Day.  I think that would be fair.




One thought on “Mother’s Day… Re-imagined.

  1. Lovely post. There are things I want to tack on, but… maybe it would best if spoken. Maybe, best if heavily written and edited. Then again, who knows. Might be best if never known. I can sum my thoughts up with, “Appreciation”.


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