Days pass, one at a time.

Steps are taken, one at a time.

Breaths inhaled, one at a time.

Why must thoughts come in battalions?

Why must we be overrun with the desire for frivolities that drive us to distraction?

Feverish wants consume our days and seep into our nightly dreams.

What joy could be had if a thought were like a breath?

A source of rejuvenation.

Full and complete.  Nourishing.


Instead of scooping out an endless cavernous hole of ambitions unfulfilled.

Each thought taken like each breath.

Explored from beginning to end, complete in its entirety.

We can close the gate of cognition;

Allowing the battalion to enter single file;

One day at a time;

One step at a time;

One breath at a time.




2 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. I got 5 battalions rushing the gates that are shut off as they want to come out. They all mesh together and I cannot discern one soldier from another amongst the kaleidoscope of rainbow-like armor gleaming in the sun. No soldier gets through, but all are accounted for at the door at least while the others push through from the back to the front, screaming to be heard. What shall I do? I cannot please them all, and can only please who I let out of the gates. I need to breathe. I just don’t know where. 😦 Great poem. Needed it.

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