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In case you’re wondering, the title is fitting.  I am now loading; currently waiting; in a holding pattern.

For those of you who have been following me, I have been in the process of self-publishing my first book.  I’ve submitted my manuscript, chosen my cover, written the back cover and author bio and now, production has begun.  From what I understand, production takes some time, so it’s a matter of having to hurry up and wait.  So, in an abstract way, I am picturing myself staring at a now loading screen for a RRMORPG with a slow internet connection.

But truthfully, there are tons of things that I can do in the meantime and this post is one of them.  Since I am self-publishing, that means that I am self-marketing as well.  I do not have a degree in marketing or advertising, so I am beginning at square one, but that doesn’t matter because at least, I am beginning.

I have the email addresses of all of my closest friends, some acquaintances and of course, family, and I have emailed back and forth with a few of those who follow my blog.  But for those of you who would not mind an email update when my book is published and available for purchase, I would love it if you could visit my contact page and shoot me an email.  The link for my contact page is below.

Once my book is complete, I plan to arrange a free giveaway of no more than eight copies of my novel and I would love to be able to include those of you who take the time to read what I post.  And I promise, I will not be sending you recipes, chain letters or pictures of Donald Trump on Kim Kardashian’s body.


Contact/Gofundme Campaign

-If you have enjoyed my commentary or my short stories, then please check out my youtube channel, The Wicked Orchard; where you can listen to me read my short stories

-And don’t forget to check out Comparative Reasoning here on wordpress for written commentary on a whole hosts of topics.

-If you’d rather listen than read, definitely check out Comparative Reasoning on youtube, where you’ll hear of earful of social, economic and political commentary.



2 thoughts on “Now Loading…

  1. A Haven Amidst Perdition is a novel I have listened to three or four times, and each time was equally captivating. There is a rollercoaster of emotions you ride as the protagonist goes through her own travels of stomach churning hills, loops, and banks. This book is the culmination of true character building, listener’s input, crowdfunded interests and the support for a woman author who has painstakingly edited, researched, scoured, and quadrupled back on everything to ensure that those who read this book, will either plead on their knees for more, or beg for the next novel. I can tell you, of all her novels written and unreleased, she has something for everyone. Even if you do not like the type of genre, you won’t be able to turn your eyes away until the end when you say, “I can’t believe I read the whole thing.” In the many weeks to come, as the novel is printed, Sidra Owens will hold a drawing of all those who enter, and eight people will win one free copy. Sadly, I can’t enter the contest, but all of you can, and should. We all have a perdition of our own. Let this book be your haven from it for a while each day. Thank you, for your time.

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