Why So Quiet??

It’s been quiet in the Wicked Orchard.  Why? Pray tell.  Since you asked so nicely I will tell you.  Not only is it the holiday season, but I also very recently celebrated a birthday, and on top of all of that, I was on vacation from work.  I only take one actual vacation a year, so I wanted to relax and spend as much time with my family as I could.  And I did.  Unfortunately, my vacation is over. I am well rested, but I would much rather be at home, amusing myself with my daughter, while playing games, watching videos and talking to my boyfriend about any and everything under the sun.

I gave myself a birthday gift, before my vacation, and finished my fifth book.  In doing so, it allowed my brain to take a rest, but the closer I got to returning to work, the more my brain began to storm about my next project.  I will be begin the editing process shortly for my latest, nameless, manuscript, and along with that, I will begin researching for my next book.

Christmas has passed and I hope that it was lovely for all of you who celebrated it and for those that didn’t; I hope that your days have been filled with all of the joy and cheer that we should have every day of the year.  Sorry for the excessive rhymes.


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