Patience. I Shall Return.

I have not made a new post in more than a week.  I miss posting on a regular basis, but it seems that my mind has been deeply occupied with the impending finish of my current manuscript.  I am at the end.  I am sure of that.  But constructing it so that it succinctly pulls together threads that I have been weaving over these many months, is proving to be an immense task.  It only let’s me know that the story needs to percolate more in mind.

I think this lack of creativity is due in part that I am sick.  I have had a significant cold since before thanksgiving and it is taking its time, running its course.  Once it subsides, and if my daughter could give her father and I a reprieve and maybe not bring home any more viruses from school, I think I will be back in full swing creatively and posting regularly again.  Please be patient with me.


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