“Multiple Personality Posting Disorder”

I think more of us go through this than the world may realize. There is so much to do; so much we want to do; so many directions to go and so many barriers preventing us. Sometimes it seems to much, but bit by bit we can navigate through it.

Comparative Reasoning

“Multiple Personality Posting Disorder”

I don’t know if the title is a real thing or not, but I’ll tell you this, I have it.  I hope to not make this post too long.

When I began posting, it was difficult.  I didn’t want to.  I was scared; to say the least.  I do not do well in crowds, and begin to panic.  I asked myself and my woman, “What if they hate me more than people tend to?”  “What if they never read it?”  “What if they distrust me as naturally as people tend do?”  I did not want to post anything.  Fear was all over me.  She comforted me with her healing touch, words of affirmation, pillow-like voice, and a confidence in me, that I was never allowed having as a developing child.  So, I finally posted on WordPress.

No one noticed my post.  I didn’t know tags, or…

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