The Planets Can Kiss My Butt!

I have been thinking for a while that my planets are out of alignment.  In truth, I don’t delve that deeply into my individual motivations, but having that thought run across my mind so much in conjunction with the things going on in my life, I decided to look it up.  And it turns out, I was right.  Saturn needs to get the hell out of Sagittarius because it’s jacking me up.  I’ve been trying to maintain my grip on the wheel of my growth and self-evolution and Saturn highjacked it.  I open my eyes and I’m headed off of a bridge and plummeting into the Milky Way.

But now I know.  Now, I can stop letting life live me and live life.  Retake control and continue shaping the me I want to be.  As many of you well know, doing that is tough.  You have to fight work, environment, society, laziness and genetics; especially genetics.  Slipping into old, bad habits or traditions can leave you comfortably ignorant, and unfortunately, that is a major problem with our society and the world.

Don’t be comfortably ignorant.  Stay grounded on this planet and don’t let other planets fuck up your evolution.  Move forward with your mind open and eyes aware.  Stay positive.  Negativity will kill us before anything else will.

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