Bringing Stories To The World

“I want to live!”

“I want to live!”

Overly dramatic??  Maybe.  But as each day passes that exclamation rings louder and louder in my head.  See, I’m a writer.  I have never been published unfortunately; but my goal of becoming published, whether traditionally or untraditionally has not faltered.

Everyday this exclamation cycles through my mind.  No, it is not the early signs of mental break.  They are my characters.  I have four fully completed manuscripts; all full of characters who are ready to replay their story over and over again for whoever is willing to crack the binding, or load a web page and read it.

I long for the day when everyone will have the opportunity to love my characters, as much as I do; or to hate them for that matter.  So until that day arrives I will continue to strive to publish what I have completed and to continue to improve my craft so that I can create more universes for us all to lose ourselves in.

I have an active Gofundme Campaign so that I can self-publish my first novel.  Any donations or assistance would be welcome and appreciated.  For those of you who are wondering, “I’m not sure if I want give my money to this.  What if her writing is awful?”  That would be a fair query, and no one should dive into to anything without doing the research.  I have all of my short stories posted on my website under Completed Short Fiction.  Please take a look and see if you enjoy what I have to offer. Now, if you are one of the millions of us, who doesn’t have a lot time to read, I am also reading my own short stories and posting the audio up on youtube on The Wicked Orchard .  This way you can load the entire playlist for Quittin’ Time, my first short story, and listen while you’re driving to work, doing the dishes or on your way to sleep.  If my style of writing doesn’t appeal to you, I completely understand, but if you do enjoy it, consider donating, or at least share with anyone you think might be interested.  More than raising money, I want people to enjoy my stories. I want to invoke all of the emotions that have laced in every word.  I want to make people feel and hopefully make them think, too.



One thought on “Bringing Stories To The World

  1. This posts is great. It explains everything and is highly understandable to people’s differences. I wish all people cold be that way. I really do. If i had money, I would donate. I’m broke. 😦 I hope you succeed in this. Your work is great.


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