Quittin’ Time Part Four-Short Story

(YouTube)  Part 4

7:00pm.   When the alarm clock goes off at seven, the evening commences as usual, with Eli silencing the alarm with his fist, just as Vera puts his coffee down on the night stand.  Slowly sitting up, he leers at his wife, who shuffles about the room with her head down, picking up his discarded pillow, as she progresses to the bathroom.  When his mug is empty, Eli enters the bathroom to take his already prepared shower, shooting a glance at Vera, who stands in the rear of the room with her head lowered.  Once clean, he emerges from the bathroom to a freshly cleaned and pressed uniform, with a pair of immaculate boots and a brand new pair of laces.

Walking into the kitchen, Eli finds a plate filled with three barbecue pork chops, a pile of steak fries and a heaping of macaroni and cheese.  Each portion is piping hot with steam rising into the room’s atmosphere.  Taking his seat, he has to choose between a soda and beer for his beverage, which brings a smile to his lips, despite his sour demeanor.  Glancing around the room, he notices that his wife is nowhere to be found, while sipping his beer and stuffing a fry into his mouth.

With the meal complete, he grabs his lunch bag and strolls to the door, where his wife is standing, holding his car keys and work identification badge.  Looking at the top of her head, he takes his items and sucks his teeth.  “If you behave like this all the time, we wouldn’t have problems.  Remember that.”  Eli says coldly.  “I will.  Vera says softly.

After he leaves, Vera remains in the same spot until she can hear the car speed off down the street.  Flipping her hair back, Vera stares at the closed front door with a smirk on her lips.  Unfastening her house coat, she strides naked through the living room and into the kitchen, where she retrieves several bottles of wine from the refrigerator.  Next, she walks to a dark doorway in the back of the kitchen, which leads to the basement door.  Opening it, she descends a dim staircase, leading to the iron bar clad bedroom that is once again lit by a multitude of candles.  Meeting her half way, the lummox smiles, as he gently takes the wine from her.  “You look even more beautiful than you did last night, mistress.  Is today the day?”  The lummox asks humbly.  “Is everything prepared?”  She asks.  “Yes, mistress.  Come.  Your bath has been drawn.  You must be exquisite for this last night.”
12:55am.   Eli walks to his locker and places his lunch bag inside, while glancing around the locker room for Randy, but he is nowhere in sight.  “Hey!  Has anybody seen Randy?”  Eli asks to no one in particular.  “No.”  Someone calls out.  “Didn’t even call in.  He’s got one more night of that and that’s it.”  “Pussy must be better than it looked.”  Eli mumbles to himself.  “I’ll find out soon.  That’s for damn sure.”
4:30am  Once again, Eli finds himself standing in line with several other men, waiting for the Lummox to open the massive door.  He glances around, hoping to catch a glimpse of Randy, but after just a few seconds, he gives up and continues to stare straight ahead along with everyone else.  The temperature this early morning is low, and he can see his own breathe dissipating before him, but he cannot feel a bit of the cold.  His stomach is topsy-turvy with butterflies and he is finding it increasingly more difficult to keep still.  When the first bead of runs down the side of his brow, the heavy iron door slowly opens and he can just barely see the dim candlelight within.  As each man files into the open door, Eli nervously clenches his hand around the one hundred dollar bill that he has ready.  When he reaches the lummox, he takes Eli’s money and quietly whisper to him.  “Once inside, step to the right and wait for me to fetch you.”  Smiling despite his deep desire to look unaffected, Eli follows his given instructions, and waits while all of the other unlucky spectators take their positions in front of the iron bars.  The candlelight can be seen but the bed and the surrounding area is still concealed by the black curtain that ended the performance the night before.  It looked strangely like a continuation of the previous evening’s activities.  Eli half expects for the curtain to lift and for Randy to still be lying in the same spot on the silken bed, with the mystery seductress still planted on his cock.  As the last man files past him, a heavy metallic thud thunders behind him, forcing his heart to quicken its pace.  But when the weighty, hot hand of the lummox drops onto his shoulder, Eli visibly jumps several inches off of the floor.  Gripping him strongly, the lummox pushes him forward until they come to their own black curtain.  When the large handed man releases him, he is deeply relieved, but still reluctant, since he cannot see anything in front of him.  Just then, the same soft music from the previous night begins to play and Eli can suddenly hear the sound of 20 eager men all gasping at once.  “Welcome. I am glad that you are all here to join me once again.  I am most appreciative of your patronage.  I can hear that you all are a little stunned.  We are starting off a little differently tonight.  As usual, a request was made last night, and that is why I am here as I am.  The requester is not among you, but waiting to join me.  So, why not join me now?”

Suddenly, the heavy hand is back on Eli’s shoulder, strongly pushing him through the black curtain.  When he emerges, he can see that the entire room is lit like before and all of the spectators are in the same place.  The only difference is that the mystery woman is lying on the silken bed, completely naked except for the mask over her eyes.  Her wrists are chained to the head board of the bed, and her legs are parted, with long, satin purple sashes tied from her ankles to the bed posts.  “What is your name?”  “Eli.”  “You asserted yourself last night while making your request.  I heard you above all others.”  “I hoped that you would.”  “Is this what you wanted, Eli?”  “Fuck, yes.”  “Then come to me.”  She beckons.  “Come and fulfill your desires.

Ignoring the envious groans of the spectators, Eli moves towards the bed, while unfastening his belt.  After unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, he pulls out his erection, gripping it strongly, as he climbs up onto the bed.  Once between her legs, he grips each of them behind the knees and spreads them fully, while looking down at her well groomed labia.  Licking his lips, he grabs his cock, lowers down and steadily enters her.  With each progressive inch, the exhibitionist groans, as if partaking in the most sinful dessert.  Licking her glossy-coated lips, she slowly raises her hips to meet the pelvic advances of her temporary lover.  Just before his erection vanishes inside her completely, he forcefully jams it into her cervix, gaining an audible yelp and grimace from the seductress beneath him.  “Is that why you wanted me this way, Eli, to hurt me?”  She asks softly.  “I think you are too used to be being in control.  I’m gonna give ya some cock the way a bitch is supposed to take it.”

Without waiting for a response from his host, Eli begins to aggressively thrust into her, gaining a restrained grunt with each movement.  She attempts to straighten her legs and twist away, but this only riles him, driving him to use even more force.  With the tone of the atmosphere changing, the spectators continue to watch with their jaws agape.  Even when the lummox offers each of them a glass of wine; they accept them mechanically and gulp them down, without taking a moment to glance at what they had consumed.  Within a few minutes the spastic rhythm of release takes over Eli, causing him to grunt through his ejaculation, while grinding his still throbbing erection deep inside her. Looking down at her with an expression of satisfaction and contempt, Eli can see the remnants of tears at the bottom of her mask.  Sneering, he firmly grips her around the neck with both hands and begins recklessly thrusting into her again.  Grabbing his wrists, the mystery woman begins to gasp for air and violently kick her feet; when a sound resembling heavy sacks dropping all at once seems to rise up behind him.  Pausing, Eli looks over his shoulder and can see that every single man, who was witnessing this performance, is lying, seemingly unconscious on the floor; awkwardly clustered at the iron bars.

Suddenly, he can hear an all too familiar voice coming from the lips of the mystery woman.  “It’s just you and me now.”  Looking down at her, he loosens his grip on her throat, takes a hold of the mask and snatches it off his host’s face, revealing the youthful and unmarred face of his obedient wife, Vera.  “Ve-Vera?”  Eli stammers in disbelief.  “Welcome home, Eli.”  Before Eli can move an inch, he is quickly snatched into a full nelson submission maneuver.  Glancing quickly to the left and right, he cannot see who is holding him, but can only assume that it is the lummox, who man-handled him earlier.  He tries to wiggle and strain to free himself, but the big man’s hold on him is unrelenting.  “What the fuck is going on, you bitch?”  Eli spits at her.  Sitting up, Vera easily pulls the shackles free from the headboard with a piercing snap.  After yanking each cuff from her wrists, she rubs each of them comfortingly, before leaning forward and untying each of her ankles.  “You know, you are the sorriest sort of man.  You could not even be civil when a woman is giving you exactly what you requested.”  “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking too?”  Eli yells enraged.

He tries to lunge at her forgetting that he is securely bound; but when the lummox seizes up on his arms sending hot tendrils of pain through each shoulder, Eli quickly deflates.  “This…  This is what you’ve been doing with my new rec room?”  Eli asks weakly.  “No.  This is what I have been doing with my basement.  I hope you do not think that your job kept this home afloat all of these years.  With your incessant gambling, you never brought home more than a couple a hundred a week.  But living in delusion is easy for the weak of heart.”  Vera says while climbing off of the bed.  Once the identified seductress is out of the way, the lummox slams Eli onto his back on the bed, and fastens a new set of shackles to each of his wrists, leaving his legs unbound.   Taking his leave, Vera moves to the foot of the bed, where she stands fully naked before him.  Despite his imprisonment, he stares at her with a mix of lust and disgust.  Angry eyes leer at her, as his erection re-surges.  “I chose you well.”  Vera says plainly.  “Chose me?  I saved you from being a lonely old bitch.  You need me to take care of you.”  Eli boasts arrogantly.  “But you are so wrong.  I could feel you coming before you ever laid eyes on me.   I could feel your weakness.  Your feebleness.  Your desire to feel joy at the expense of others.  Your need to abuse because… I don’t know… because maybe your father or mother neglected you, abused you or even better, loved you as well as you loved me.  You see my kind needs that.”  “What do you mean your kind?  Lying cunts?  Is that the kind you mean?” Eli asks.  “No Eli.”  She answers with a sigh.  “Don’t you like how I look?  My soft, smooth, taut skin.  This luscious, curvaceous body.  I can see you still desire it.  I must admit, I would not have this if not for you.  When you met me, I was aged and a little tired.  My reserves were nearly spent and I was looking for a new reservoir and you were perfect. You see, Eli, I feed off of wretched souls full of negative emotions.  And you are a perfect vessel for both.  I have not found a reservoir as vast as you in nearly two centuries.  Every time, you hit me; every time you punished me for your short comings, or spoke ill toward me, it fueled me. It fed me.  And these many years, Eli, you have fed me well.  Lesser meals like Randy were good for a spiritual snack, but finally…  Finally Eli, you will be my main course.  I have never enjoyed you completely, less I would devour you too soon, and it would not last.  But all these years of suffering under your boot…  All of this accumulated needless wraith will provide me with a youthful appearance, far longer than any other lover that I have ever had and for that…  I thank you.”  Pulling strongly at the chains, with a slight quiver in his voice, Eli says, “You’re fucking crazy.”  “You want to believe that, but you are actually frightened.  It’s a trade-off.  I suffer a few years of pain and indignity for decades of beauty and prosperity.”  “What about them?”  He says, motioning towards the unconscious men by the bars.  “They don’t have enough venom to be palatable.  They were horny and lonely.  I have just put them out of the misery.  No more spectators, no need.  You are the last.”  She finishes.

With his eyes darting quickly around the room searching for an escape, Vera mounts the foot of the bed and starts slowly climbing up Eli’s body.   Despite his fear, his erection does not diminish, and before he can twist his body to evade her, he can feel her internal warmth enshrouding him.  “You were never this good in bed.”  Eli groans.  “You didn’t deserve it.  But I was good enough for you to marry and that’s all I needed.  Just relax Eli; you’re my husband, let me please you one last time.”

As Eli resumes his futile struggle to free himself, Vera delicately runs her hands over the work shirt that she has washed and pressed so many times.  Almost lovingly, she gently runs her fingertip over each translucent button, just before grabbing it firmly and snatching it off. Within a minute, each button has been cast aside and the shirt falls open soundlessly, exposing Eli’s bare chest, which is rising and falling rapidly.  With his eyes darting from left to right, he sucks in his breathe as Vera lays her hands lightly upon his chest.  Expecting excruciating pain, Eli involuntarily flinches, but slowly calms, when no attack ensues.  Taking a deep breath of her own, she begins to slowly roll her hips backward, stroking his erection and gripping him firmly with her interior, whenever their bodies meet. With the tension in his bound arms ebbing away, Vera softly begins to moan, as a very palpable heat begins radiating from her and washing over him in waves.  “If you had been this good of a lay all of these years, I coulda been nicer to you.”  Eli confesses between breathes.  “No, you couldn’t Eli.  You’ll lie to yourself.  You’ll lie to me.  But I can feel the truth.  It’s right under the surface.”

Almost immediately, Eli can feel a tightness seizing around his chest, stealing his breathe from him.  Eyes beginning to bulge, the tension returns to his entire body, defining each muscular cord. “V-vera… My heart… I …”  Moving over him more vigorously, Vera answers, “Yes, Eli.  Yes.  Your heart.  That has always been your problem.  It’s the darkest part of you.  And it’s the part I’m going to take.”  With the organ in question becoming tachycardic, Eli pulls violently at the chain, using all of his energy to resist and scream in protest, but he is unable to find his voice.  Placing both hands on either side of his face, she grips him painfully, and rocks back and forth riding him forcefully, as his convulsion sends jolt of pleasure spreading through her pelvis.  Leaning over him, she stares deep into his eyes, and captures his taught and trembling lips in a kiss.  The pleasure drawn from the softness of her lips supersedes the silky warmth he feels inside her and despite his fear; he returns the kiss, just as the seed of regret begins to take root.  Just as wispy wishes of wanting to wrap his arms around her dance around the edges of his consciousness, the pain he had feared takes hold of him, and he begins to scream into the open mouth of his life draining spouse. With ejaculation imminent, Eli begins to blubber incoherently and instead of life producing semen flowing into her womb, his body begins to expel its own life force, through his arteries, out of his lungs and into her waiting gaping maw.   The deep pelvic spasms that would normally propel ejaculate now propel a sickly green mist, both viscous and ethereal, into the body of his wife, giving Eli the most powerful and most finite orgasm of his shortened life.

Even though his screams had ceased, and his eyes were fixed and dilated, Eli’s body continues to convulse, because of Vera‘s fiercely working gluteus sucking every last sign of life from his withering body.  By the time every synapse had dispersed and every ounce of hydration dissipated, all that is left of Eli is a mummified husk, with his once prominent erection having desiccated and withdrawn from Vera all on its own.
In one swift motion, Vera sits up and dismounts from her dead husband, landing on her feet with a light thud.  Ignoring the corpse on the bed, she begins examining the skin of her hands and arms.  She pinches the top layer of skin, watching as it snaps back completely. She presses the finger pads of her index finger and thumb together, smiling as the capillaries refill so quickly that it is nearly undetectable.  Walking to a mirror, she looks closely at her naked body, front, side and rear.  Her body has no blemishes, no scars and no cellulite.  Every line of her body is smooth, firm enough to portray youth, yet soft enough to inspire lust.  Satisfied with the results, she turns around just in time for the lummox to enter carrying a glass of wine.  “All is complete, my lady?”  The lummox asks her.  “Yes, all is complete.”  She answers.  “The young wench is approaching.”  The lummox relays.

Before Vera can respond, a young dark haired girl walks in, obnoxiously chewing a wad of pink bubble gum and carrying a cloth sack in her hand.  “Would you please get rid of the gum.”  Vera demands.  Spitting it out and sticking it behind her ear, the girl apologizes.  “I’m sorry ma’am.  I retrieved all of the wallets as you instructed.  Oh My God, look at you!  You look so young!  Is that what you were talking about?  Is that what you can do?”  “Yes, child.  It is.  And God had nothing to do with this.  Give him the identification and you can keep all the money they carried.”  “What are we gonna do with all of the bodies?”  The young girl asks.  “They will burn with the house.  Anyone who lives here will be drenched in Eli’s evil deeds.  Better to scorch the earth and allow someone else to begin fresh and new.”  Vera explains.  With a genuine smile, Vera walks over to the young girl.  She reaches behind her ear and removes the gum that was stuck there and hands it to the lummox, just before brushing loose strand of hair behind the same ear.  “In this world dear child, fresh and new is what’s important.  Haven’t you come to learn that?”  Vera asks her.  Nodding she says, “Yes … That is why my father started molesting me.  He said I was young and tight; so different than my mother before she died.  And Eli would say things like that.  He’d say I was stupid, but that made my young pussy willing.”  “You only gain anything in this world if you are young, taut, fresh and new, with the brains and deceit to back it up.  Would it not be better to be the one taking from others rather than the one being taken?”  Vera asks her.  Looking down at the wad of money that she has been gripping tightly, she quickly stuffs it into her shallow pocket, while reaching into her back pocket, pulling out a pack of bright pink bubble gum.  At the same time, the lummox hands Vera a glass that is only a quarter filled with fragrant red wine.  Next, the obedient servant hands her a large, yet ornate pearl handled knife.  Quickly, she slices herself across the wrist of the hand holding the glass, and before a single drop of blood can drip, she positions her open vein over the stemware and the dark crimson liquid begins to drain into it, doubling its volume.  Relinquishing the knife, Vera runs her tongue across the wound, causing it to seal up and mend, as if her skin had never been pieced.  Swirling the wine glass and peering into the young girl’s astonished eyes, she extends the delicate glassware towards the young girl.  “It is time to leave all exploitation behind.”  Vera proposes.  With little hesitation, the dark haired girl throws her pack of gum to the floor and snatches the wine glass from her new mentor, chugging its contents.  Once empty, she hands it back and strongly hiccups, before her knees buckle and her body cascades to the floor like a satin sheet.  Smiling down at the unconscious young girl, Vera tosses the glass over her shoulder, where it shatters against the headboard, showering shards of sparkling crystal over the dearly departed Eli.  After scattering the empty wallets back over the dead men behind the bars, the lummox lifts Vera’s unconscious ward into his arms and exits through the darkened doorway.  Outside, on the deserted, dilapidated street, the young girl slowly awakens, lying on the back seat of a car.  She can feel the smooth, warm interior underneath her rear, and speedily realizes that her clothing has been removed.  Looking down at herself, she notices that even though she is naked, she does not feel as if she has been pawed at; and there is no pain or bruising as evidence of an unconscious violation.  On the contrary, she feels strong and more at ease in her own skin.  She cups her breasts, that are a full cup size larger than they were before, and her feet no longer stand out like boats at the ends of her legs.  Looking out of the heavily tented window, she can see Vera standing outside of the car, draped in a cloak and smoking a cigar.  The house that Vera had called home is a blaze, with flames reaching high into the night sky.  Opening the car door, the young girl steps out, joining Vera in her quiet contemplation.  “The cops’ll be here soon.” She remarks quietly.  “We have time.  Time enough for you to say a final goodbye.”  Vera replies. As if by magic, the lummox is standing before her, holding a mummified carcass in his arms.  Staring at the sunken, drawn face, she tilts her head to the side, much like a confused puppy.  “Even after all this time, I thought some feeling of remorse or regret would be here.  But it’s not.  I can’t even fake it.  Goodbye, Denny.  I am not your daughter anymore.”  Receiving a nod from his mistress, the lummox turns towards the flaming house and launches the near weightless corpse at the porch, in an impressive show of strength.  After that, he takes a cloak that was draped over his shoulder and wraps it around the newly developed young girl.  Next, he opens the door to the rear of the car, and after flicking the cigar at the house, Vera steps inside, followed by her new companion.  When the door closes, Vera says, “You must choose a new name for yourself, my child.  You are nearly grown now.”  After a few moments of thought, the young girl says, “Circe.  My name will be Circe.”  “How fitting, my child.  How fitting.”


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