2 thoughts on “Frankincense: Ancient Wonder

  1. It WORKS! I keep getting bumps on the back of my head when I use any moisturizer or oil-based substance on my hair and scalp. I usually use lotion, or something as natural as one can find. Often times, it does have a greasy or clumping effect but Frankincense oil directly or in a carrier, reduces the bumps to nothing in about an hour. I give the stuff an hour each time to see if anything positive is happening. Seeing that years of research shows it to fight cancer, mayhap the bumps won’t stand a chance. That’s what lead me to try it. I also ingested it. Two drops in a glass of water a day. Once every 24 hours and there are no side effects, but only positives. I put 6 drops in a gallon water and nursed it all day. Do not do that. It’s still over-kill but YET, no side-effects. I have IBS so if there were some, I’d know it. This stuff costs a lot so that it why I say no over-kill. Spare it, use it, enjoy the positive outcomes. If you have any great uses and cures to something using Frankincense, post it in the comments, or make a blog of it. Get the word out. Thank you for reading.


  2. “The pharmaceutical companies can’t manufacture anything this wonderful unless side effects include, oily flatulence, high blood pressure and death.”

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve only used for meditation but will definitely work into my skin regimen and see if the magic works with me too! 🙂


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