Quittin’ Time Part Two – Short Story

4:30 am.   Turning off his car, Eli glances to his right, just in time to see Randy emerging from his own car.  Peering through his windshield, he sees that they are in a dilapidated parking lot that should be vacant at any time of day, especially this time of night.  There are several power poles, with no working lights attached to them; and instead of yellow lines outlining each parking space, a multitude of weeds has taken over the job.  Getting out of his car, Eli mechanically sets the alarm, but feels slightly more at ease, since he and Randy are not the only ones risking their vehicles in this abandoned lot.  “So where are we going?  Is it a strip joint?”  Eli asks Randy, who appears to be nearly giddy.  “No, this is better than any skanky strip tease.”  He answers.  “Well, what the fuck is it?”  Eli probes.  “It’s hard to explain.  Ya just gotta see it.”

After checking his watch, he motions for Eli to follow him, as he begins to quickly work his way past other parked cars. When they reach the street, Eli realizes that there are in a loose group with about 10 other men.  “Hey, Randy?  Are we all going to the same place?”  Eli questions, slightly uneasily.  “Yeah, man.  Hey you got c-note?”  “A c-note?  What for?”   “That’s the price of admission.  Don’t bitch man, you dropped a K at the track yesterday.  Just have it ready.”  “Alright, alright.”  Eli says, surrendering to his own curiosity.

For the next five minutes, he and Randy walk in silence, with only his heartbeat and the sounds of rock skittering across the ground as the group of men make their way down the street.  Soon, as if following a collective compass, the group makes a hard left and begins to descend down a darkened passageway that Eli can only assume is a stairwell.  Once at the bottom, they approach a heavy door with an even heavier man standing in front of it.  Having to look up nearly seven inches to meet his eyes, Eli hitches up his pants and throws his shoulders back, as he retrieves the hundred dollars from his wallet.  Once every man has his cash in hand, the heavy door opens with a slight creek and each man enters, making sure to hand the money off to the lummox by the door.

Closely following Randy, Eli attempts to relax, despite the fact that his heart is pounding rapidly in his chest. With no knowledge of what is to come, the sudden change from pitch blackness to candle light is slightly unsettling.  He falls in line beside his escort, as all of the men line up against a large set of cast iron bars.  They are identical to prison bars, except there seems to be no entrance or exit.  Settling into a spot beside Randy, Eli folds his arms, and plasters an expression of disinterest on his face, while he surveys the layout.  On the other side of the bars, there are at least four candelabras, holding four candles each, all fully lit.  The air is heavily scented with an aroma that reminds him of chocolate and sex.  With the familiar sensations of arousal settling in his lower abdomen, Eli cannot help but notice that the men surrounding him have not made a sound since they all entered.  Glancing at some of the faces, he can see the look of desire and expectation that he can only imagine now resides on his face as well.  The far walls are draped with soft lavender fabric that seems to begin at the center of the ceiling, and weaves in arcs across the ceiling until they reach the four corners of the room.  From the center of the wall, a king-sized bed covered in white satin and purple throw pillows, juts out towards them.  On a shelf above the bed, Eli notices not only different bottles of lubricant, but there are at least six different vibrating sexual aids, varying in size and shape.  Hearing a heavy thud, Eli whispers, “What the hell is going on?”  “Shut the fuck up.”  Randy quickly snaps.  “It’s starting.”

A moment later soft music begins to play seemingly coming from all around them.  Hearing a man behind him suck in his breath, Eli’s eyes are lured to the far right corner of the room, as someone emerges from the shadows.  They are covered from head to toe in a hooded satin robe that drags on the floor.  Stepping to the rhythm of the music, the hooded figure slowly begins to sway their hips, while untying the front of the robe.  When the sash is dropped to the floor, the robe teasingly falls open revealing a sand-colored abdomen and very low cut white panties.  In one swift motion, she pulls back the hood, but her eyes are covered in a mask, as if she were attending a masquerade ball.  Then she slips the loose garment off of her shoulders, allowing it to cascade to the floor.  Hearing mild groans from all around him, Eli has to shift his stance, as his eyes fall on her large round breasts.  There are large hoop piercings through each of her nipples, which are round and inviting.  The white panties cling to a pair of wide hips that are connected to a pair of creamy thighs that are pressed firmly together.  There is no space between her legs and the soft mound of her pubis seems to barely be contained by the thin material.

Compared to the snack that Eli had enjoyed earlier in the back of his Crown Victoria, this woman was a four course meal.  The power of his mounting arousal was virtually painful, compelling him to unfold his arms involuntarily and grip the cast iron bars, as though he might pull them apart.  Smoothly, she licks her plush, gloss covered lips and smiles at the gathering.  “Good evening, gentleman.  I am happy to have you join me.”  Her voice is deep.  Maturity seems to swim from her lips, like a whale diving into deep water, pulling you under.  “There are more of you tonight.  It looks like I am growing in popularity.  I am pleased that you all think so much of me.  I thank you for you patronage.  Some of you are new, but you will get the feel of the experience.  Last session, one of you requested that I wear white panties.  Which one of you requested that?”

Seeing movement beside him, Eli looks beside him and sees that Randy has raised his hand.  Slowly, the mostly-nude woman crosses her enclosure and stops directly in front of them.  The heat generated by her short journey towards them sets Eli’s groin ablaze, with his only thought being of plunging deep inside her body.  Licking her lips, she places her left hand on her hip and uses the right one to gently caress the thin material covering her pelvis.  “What’s your name?”  She asks.  “Randy.”  He is just barely able to croak out.  “Randy.  Is this what you want to see Randy?”  She asks him.  “Yes.”  “I fulfilled your request from last session.  So, you know what that means don’t you, Randy?”  Sucking his teeth, he eagerly answers, “Oh-yeah.”  Raising her voice, the woman says, “Lead him inside.”  Watching Randy take a step back, Eli sees the lummox from the door, place a hand on his co-worker’s shoulder and push him through the crowd, where they both disappear into the dark.  A low murmur begins to spread among them until Randy suddenly appears looking bewildered inside the woman’s enclosure.  “Welcome Randy.” Patting the corner of the bed, she says, “Sit down right here.”  Chewing on his lip, Randy obeys, having to adjust his genitals before taking his seat.  Taking a stance in front of him, the woman begins to rub her finger over the silky white panties, watching his eyes settle on her crotch.  “Touch me Randy.”  Obeying her, Randy reaches out, inverts his hand and gently touches the fabric of her panties.  Parting her legs, she takes hold of his wrist and pushes it between her thighs until he is cupping her labia completely.  “Do you like that?  Do you feel the heat?”  Randy does not answer.  Instead, he begins to massage the thick area, compelling the woman to grind her crotch into his hand.  “The rules are…  The chosen only indulges in one act.  You must decide what the act will be.  Decide quickly.”  She demands.  Quickly, Randy begins to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants.  In a blink, he is lying back with his erection exposed for the audience to see.  “I want inside those white panties.”  Randy stammers.

Stepping back, the woman hooks her fingers into the thin strap of her panties and slides them over her hips and down her thighs.   After discarding them, she straddles Randy, slowly climbing up his body, and dipping her hips, as she reaches for the shaft of his exposed erection.  Next, she grips it strongly, gaining a groan from her guest.  Raising her hips, she positions his penis for penetration; and as if on cue, all of the men swiftly move to a better vantage point, just as she sinks down over his erection.  The two groan in unison.  Everyone in the group stares at the pair with mouths agape.  Some have pressed their bodies flush against the bars, wishing to phase through the iron in order to get closer. Others grip their erections through their pants, stroking subtly, as to not draw attention to their masturbation.  When she moves her vagina up and down over his shaft, they all can see the glossiness of her secretions on his skin.  With her sexual ministrations increasing in vigor, they all can hear the juicy result of their coupling.


With all of the men staring at the scene, as if they are trapped behind the bars, Eli grunts inwardly, as sweat begins to seep from between his fingers and the iron bars.  Envy is oozing from his pores and rolling over him in waves, as she reaches behind her and palms each cheek of her ass, spreading it, so that she can plunge even further onto Randy’s erection. Following this adjustment, Randy involuntarily grips the seductress’ hips, with eyes wide, as she incrementally increases her pace.  With her own eyes beginning to flutter behind their lids, her lips slowly part and saliva trickles from the corner of her mouth and runs down her chin.  “I can feel it Randy.  You are near.  Don’t hold back.  Give it all to me.”  She relays with only a hint of urgency.

Despite his desire to prolong this fantasy encounter, Randy can feel his control dissipate.  When the first pelvic contraction jettisons his ejaculate into her still working vagina, she cries out in ecstasy, with her entire body becoming still and rigid, while only her hips and ass move in a jerking upward motion.  Each powerful contraction of her gluts, forces Randy to release a guttural yelp, as his back arches strongly, bowing his body and raising him up off of the bed.  After many excruciating seconds, he collapses onto the bed, inhaling giant gulps of air, as though he had been held underwater.  Wearing a pleased and caring expression, the woman’s entire body relaxes, as she reaches up and gently caresses Randy’s bewildered face.  “My experienced viewers now realize that tonight’s festivities are at an end.  So now I will take requests.  What would you like to see tomorrow night?”  She asks casually.  Immediately, she in bombarded by an avalanche of erotic requests, but suddenly an exaggerated baritone strikes her ear.  “I want you chained and spread eagle for my pleasure.”  Eli says much deeper than those around.  Smiling, the woman says, “I have chosen the request.  And tomorrow it will be fulfilled.  Thank you for your patronage.”  At that moment a large black curtain lowers, symbolizing the end of the performance, followed by the sound of a heavy metal door scraping the floor, compelling all of the men to exit the room in single file.  Aside from the shuffling of feet, there is no sound, other than aroused silence, which covers them like a shroud and ushers them into the stillness of night.  When Eli reaches his car, he gets in and stares through the windshield at nothing for a long time.  With his prolonged erection, he grimaces, as he unzips his pants, creating some additional space.  “I know she heard me.  I’ll be front and center tomorrow.”  He says aloud to no one.



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