Haiku N0.3 – Poem

do you validate

are feelings just obstacles

coarsely discarded


One thought on “Haiku N0.3 – Poem

  1. Love it, very bold.

    I used to refer to “emotion” as “energy in motion”. However, ever since I started reading a beautifully written and profound book on ego, I now believe “emotion” to be “ego in motion.”

    Majority of our “feelings” are just the end result of thoughts conceived based on misconceptions about who we are as an individual. The story we tell people about ourselves, the stories told about us, all become identities that are ego, which is where “feelings” stem from. So yes, they are indeed just obstacles, but that obstacle is only a symptom. What needs to be discarded is the ego, because that is the root of human suffering.

    Ultimately, one who is free of ego, does not experience emotions. They can only experience a state of being, whether it’s happiness, peace, love, prosperity, etc. For one to say “I am sad”, it would mean their inner being IS sadness. For one to say “I feel sad”, means there is some external factor, something the ego is identifying with, to create a state of chaos within the mind, which also affects the physical health of the body.

    This is why in the realm of spiritual enlightenment, it is stressed tremendously to be careful of what you say you are. Any adjective you place after “I am”, will directly affect you inner being/true self aka spirit/soul.

    ~End of Rant~

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