Quittin’ Time Part One – Short Story

7:00 pm.  The clock radio alarm goes off with a tirelessly, intrusive buzzing that pulls Eli out of his deep slumber.  Instinctually, he balls his fist and slams it down on the screaming piece of equipment, silencing it for the moment.  “You really shouldn’t hit the alarm so hard.  You’re liable to break it, and then have to replace it.”  Vera says.

Lifting his pillow, Eli opens one eye and is just able to make out his wife, setting a cup of coffee beside the battered alarm clock.  She then, switches it from snooze to off, before turning on the bed-side lamp.  Giving in to the inevitable, Eli sits up, tossing his pillow to the floor.  After a deep stretch, and a feline-like yawn, he swings his legs to the floor, just as his wife nudges his slippers into place under his feet.  Next, she spoons five teaspoons of sugar into his coffee and stirs it vigorously, before she hands him the cup.  Taking it, Eli begins sipping it, as he watches his wife walk around the bed and pick up the pillow that he carelessly tossed aside.  Placing it on the bed, Vera makes the return trip and walks into the master bathroom.  Moments later, the tell-tale sound of the shower turning on, can be heard.  After a minute, Vera emerges to see her husband standing naked next to his empty cup of coffee.  “Your shower’s ready, honey.  I’ll go downstairs and get your dinner.”

Without offering a reply, Eli passes his wife and enters the bathroom, as she exits.  A half hour later, he exits the bathroom, and walks to the bed, where his work khakis, shirt, socks and underwear are laid out, perfectly ironed and waiting for him.  Swiftly dressing, Eli grabs his shoes from up under the bed, pausing momentarily to finger the mustard stains on his shoe laces.  Later downstairs, upon entering the kitchen, Vera places his plate down, between an expertly arranged place setting.  Sitting down, Eli rubs his hands together, and licks his lips at the T-bone steak, baked potato and side salad.

“I wanted a New York Strip, Vera.”  Eli says nonchalantly.

“There weren’t any at the store.  I even asked the butcher.  None had been delivered honey.”  She explains while pouring his soda over ice.

“Get me a beer.”  “You shouldn’t drink before going to the plant, honey.  It’s dangerous.”  “You don’t have a soda with steak.  Get me a beer.  It complements the beef.”  Eli explains.  “Yes, honey.”

Removing the soda, she goes to the refrigerator and pulls out a Budweisier, and sets it next to his plate.  Cutting into the steak, Eli glances at his wife, and says, “My shoelaces are still dirty.”  Facing him, Vera replies, “Oh, honey!  I’m sorry.  I… I forgot about them.”  Looking at the time, she continues, “There is no way that I could get them clean, before you have to go.”  Swallowing, Eli says, “What will everyone think?  I mean, you’re supposed to be my wife.  You’re supposed to take care of me.  I take care of you.  I don’t think that clean shoelaces are too much to ask for.”  Eyes darting from side to side, she says, “You’re right honey.  You do take care of me.”  Walking to a nearby drawer, she opens it and begins rifling through it.  After nearly a minute of frantic searching, she snatches out a pair of khaki colored shoelaces.  With a quick sprint, she gets to the table and drops down to the floor, while Eli continues to eat his meal.  By the time he has finished, Vera stands and her husband pushes away from the table and looks down at his shoes, with brand new laces.  “That’s better.  That’s worthy of us both.”  Standing, he says, “What are you going to do tonight?”  “I’m almost finished with that blanket that you wanted me to knit for your mother’s birthday.  It’ll take me all night.  But it’ll be beautiful.  She’ll love it.”  She says proudly.  “Good.  Make sure the house is clean when I get home.”  “It will be, honey.  Your lunch is by the door with the keys.  I put the beer in a thermos, like you said.”  She relays to him.

“Alright.”  “Are you going to the track after work?”  Vera asks.  “Yeah.  I blew half of the paycheck this afternoon on a goddamn glue factory.  But I gotta lucky feeling about tomorrow.  I’m gonna bring in a couple thousand.  I just know it.  Then I can get that new flat screen in time for the Super Bowl.”  He boasts while hitching up his pants.  Smiling, Vera says, “That’s great.  I know you’re looking forward to that.  Um, I wanted to start a new knitting project, when I finished your mother’s blanket.  Can I get some new yarn tomorrow?”  “New yarn?  I saw the late notice on the light bill.  Did you pay that?”  “Yes, honey.  I took care of that.  And I can get discount yarn at the thrift shop.”  Vera explains.  “Ok.  Get your yarn.  As long as you keep up with the bills.  When I get that new TV, I wanna make the basement my new rec room, so you’re gonna have to put all that yarn and sewing shit somewhere else.  I’m gonna be late, if we keep gabbin’.  I’m leaving.  See ya tomorrow afternoon.”  Eli concludes.  After a slight pause, Vera steps to her husband and kisses him on the cheek.  Wearing a pleased smile, he pats Vera on her bottom, grabs his keys and lunch, and leaves out of the front door.

12:30 am.   A black Crown Victoria is parked in the very back of the water treatment plant’s expansive parking lot.  The windows are heavily fogged and the entire vehicle is subtly rocking from side to side.  Inside, in the back seat, Eli lies atop of a dark-haired woman, whose feet are locked behind his thighs and her nails are digging into the exposed flesh of his buttocks. Gripping the back of her thighs, he powerfully thrusts into her, causing her head to collide into the handle of the rear driver’s side door.  With each passing moment, his grunts becoming raspier and more labored, until he penetrates her deeply, one final time, forcing her knees to fall towards her head, while his ass clenches from the intense release.

After taking a few moments to recover, Eli withdraws and falls back against the door, as the woman pulls herself into a sitting position.  Lightly rubbing her right hand over her still exposed labia, she reaches toward the driver’s side head rest and grabs gelatinous wad that is stuck to it.  After a brief stretch, the bright pink mound comes unglued and the woman stuffs it into her mouth, where she starts chewing it vigorously.  “I need to get the taste of you outta my mouth.  Why’d you fuck my pussy so hard?” The woman asks.  “You know I only have an hour for lunch.  And I don’t need to be gentle with you.  You like it rough.”  Eli answers.  “Where’s Denny?”  “Oh, daddy’s home sick.  He got stung by a bee and swole up.  He took some Benadryl and he’s been sleeping all day.  How else you think I could get the car and come over here?”  She finishes while fishing her panties off of the floor.

Opening up his lunch bag, Eli asks, “When did you get your license?”  “A couple of days ago.  So you don’t have to come to my house all the time.  We can meet up out here.  This was fun.  What did your wife make you for lunch?”  “The same thing; Chicken salad on rye.”  Pulling out a sandwich bag, he tosses it at her.  “Here, you can have the cookies.”  Eli says.

1:35 am.   Inside the employee locker room, Eli opens his locker and deposits the remainder of his lunch inside.  With only moments before the restart of the night shift, most of his co-workers are finishing up their card games to the anti-melodic sound of toilets flushing in the men’s john.  “Hey Eli?  Ya seen Denny?”  Randy asks, while exiting the toilet.  “N—ah.  Haven’t seen’im.  He must be sick or something.  You know he never misses a shift, or a trip to the track.  I’m feeling lucky tonight.”  “You’re lucky most every night.  Sneakin’ outta here to see a sweet thing.  Com’on, tell me who it is?”  Randy asks.  “No can do.”  Eli boasts while hitching up his pants.  Walking up close to Eli, Randy nearly whispers.  “Hey, I got a bead on something good tonight.  You in?”  “Something better than the track?”  Eli replies, mimicking the whisper.  “You’ll have more fun, and lose far less money.  You game?”  “Hell yeah, Randy.  Let’s do it.”


*This is being posted as a companion piece to my new Youtube Channel, The Wicked Orchard; where I read my short stories in a serial format.  Quittin’ Time Part One is the first posted video.  Please do me the honor of stopping by and checking out my channel.  You’ll find the link below




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