Let’s Lift Each Other.

It’s difficult to conquer negativity.  Some people, seemingly, lead charmed lives; where they are able to achieve anything they want to, almost since the day they are born, because they are fortunate enough to be equipped with an excellent support system that cheers them and encourages them no matter what they want to do.

This is a rarity.

A more common situation in our culture is one of constant naysaying from those who are too afraid or too ashamed to attempt a goal that is outside of the box.  In 2016, we regularly refer to those people as haters.  “Don’t be hatin’” is more than just a semi-comical catch phrase from a TV show, it needs to be the mantra for the human species.  We instill in each other a need to hold others back and the reasoning for it, vary in their ridiculousness.  You can’t because you’re too old… you’re too young… you’re too fat…  you’re the wrong color…  our kind don’t do that kind of thing…  you can’t because you’re you.  Some people are bombarded with this kind of vitriol from the time they enter school and even before.

This world consists of all type of people who respond in a variety of ways to unending and unnecessary derision.  Those who suffer this treatment rarely get out from under it, allowing it to cloud and mar their future, until it truly is too late for them to accomplish all of the secret wishes they kept close to their hearts.

Then there are those who step in front of the freight train of fortune.  No, they don’t win the lottery; they aren’t left millions by some long lost relative and they don’t get a NFL, MLB or NBA contract.  They meet people.  They meet kind-hearted, sometimes like-minded people, that allow them to experience what it feels like to be accepted for who they are, not ostracized because of it.   They meet people, who understand where they’re coming from, or try to, and lift them up; showing them that they are okay despite their failures or flaws.  They let them know that they can do what they put their minds to.

There are tons of people broken by needless hating and plenty of people who can help mend, with care and support.  Support comes in so many facets.  It can be a hug, a conversation, it could money or it could me sharing the joy and talents of others with the world.

I have not been blogging on WordPress for very long, but I have been overjoyed at the kind words that my efforts have received.  I find that many of us are working towards the same goal of self-betterment and sharing our discoveries with as many as possible.  I wish that all who read these words would help me to lift up and support those, who truly wish well for those who don’t mean anyone any harm.



Listed above are the WordPress blog site and the brand new Youtube channel for Comparative Reasoning.  These sites give down to earth and reasonable insight to complex social, political and economic issues that maybe too tiring for some to face or too daunting to understand.  They come from the point of view of someone who thinks all should live well and be happy, who would rather, if toiling and suffering was not the standard protocol for 99% of the humans on this planet.  Even beyond that, they have content to lighten one’s load and bring a smile through comedy or sentiment.  Take the time to stop by these steadily expanding areas and maybe experience a point of view different than your own.  Growth in this journey that we call life is the ultimate goal.





One thought on “Let’s Lift Each Other.

  1. Beautiful post. Mother nature is always evolving and what you are touching on is the natural evolutionary process of mankind on a spiritual level. If we look closely at the term human being, “human” represents the physical part of us, identifying with form and things outside of ourselves. “Being”, represents your true form which being energy, your spirit/soul. Our journey here on earth is about shedding our human aspects and embracing our being. When we let go of ego, which can only survive through identifying with external possessions, thoughts, and emotions tied to them, which is the human aspect of our existence, we will only be left with BEING in the present moment. The present moment is not connected to what happened last year, or when you were a child, or why people don’t like you, or whatever stories we have accumulated and internalized as a part of our identity. The more connected you are to your inner being, the more love and peace you have the power to become, and spread to others. We die so many times in this lifetime, but many still are blind, and see death only as that one inevitable moment where the human form ceases to exist, ashes to ashes.

    Love is not something that is outside of us. Love is something to become. It’s the same with peace, happiness, and wealth. Many do not realize this and feel as though they don’t have enough love to share with the rest of the world, so they are selfish and greedy and envious. They are out of tune with their being. I will stop there, but I’ll definitely tune in to youtube when I have time.

    🙂 Lu

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