Daily Grind. Daily Hustle.

I am willing to wager that there is probably a coffee shop, somewhere near you, if you live in the U.S. called the Daily Grind.  I think it’s clever, too, but this post has nothing to do with coffee.

The Daily Grind, in my own definition, of course, is the daily routine that people have to endure in order to make ends meet.  For those of us, who are thankfully employed and/or able to work every day, this means precisely that, you must get up in some form or facet and go to a job every day.  Whether you have to get up and go down the hall to log on to a computer at 8am, or whether you have to drive two hours to get to an office building or whether you have to walk 20 minutes to wait 30 minutes to catch a bus to the nearest super department store, it all equates to the same; you gotta go somewhere you don’t wanna be to make money that you can’t live without.

I’m sure more than just one of us, has looked up one day and thought to themselves, “This isn’t what I signed up for.”  And everyone who has that thought is right.  It isn’t what we signed up for.  When we were in school, from grades K through 12, you always heard the question, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?”  That question then morphs into, “What do you wanna do when you graduate from college?”  No one ever, ever said, “What hole do you wanna climb into for eight hours a day for the next fifty years?”  And do you know why?  Because that question inspires futility, not hope.  But we all got roped into the daily grind at the tender age of five years old, when we are forced to leave the warm embrace of our families and tackle elementary school education, alone.  Sounds frightening?  For some, it is.

Now.  Let’s talk about the Daily Hustle.  Hustle has many connotations, but let me explain what I’m talking about.  The Daily Hustle, as opposed to the Daily Grind, equally is something that you gotta do, but not because you’re trying to make ends meet.  It’s because your soul gives you no choice.  Your daily hustle is done out of joy, out of love.  It is often a thankless endeavor that will not immediately offer results.  It will not render you a pay check every two weeks, but it does feed your soul, because you are working towards something bigger than yourself.  Granted, the hope is, that eventually, you’ll be able to make money at what you’re doing, but you also understand that when it comes to the daily hustle, slow and steady usually wins the race.  Daily Hustles are usually built on reasonable dreams, constructed around natural born talents, whether it’s singing, dancing, writing, drawing, cooking, talking,  whatever it is that you are good at.  It’s about taking what you can do outside of a nine to five and making it work for you.  Pursuing the Daily Hustle is difficult and it’s scary.  When it comes to the Daily Hustle you’ll encounter more opposition and more haters than you ever will in your life.  The reason for this, is because you have to shake off fear, pride and conformity in order to progress.  And we all know that fear is easy, pride is easy, conformity is easy; but pursuing your passions outside of the normal routine laid down by our staunchly capitalistic society, is hard.  It’s amazingly hard and often times you have to fight not only the critiques of others but your own self-doubts to progress.

I understand that my words against the Daily Grind have been harsh, but they have been only because the world wants everyone to function in this stifling construct.  But it is also needed in order for things to work on a day to day basis and there are some who enjoy their daily grind.  If you have a job you go to every day and you love it, I am happy for you.  Hell, it’s even possible to have a job you love and a hustle that you love to pursue.  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  And there are also those who have no desire to toil at a hustle.  They like the dependability and regularity of their grind.  It keeps their lives in order and the bellies fed, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I just want everyone to remember that they have options.  Options far beyond what they teach you in grade school and you don’t have to have a BS, MA, MD or Ph.D behind your name to do it.  Those degrees are great, but sometimes all you need is drive, fortitude, desire and a whole lotta hustle.



3 thoughts on “Daily Grind. Daily Hustle.

  1. Well written!
    I think about this all the time. I hope for everyone to eventually find that inner strength to break away from this matrix and manifest wealth and happiness through finding their inner art form expression. We are programmed to feel as though once you pass a certain age, it is too late which is false. Even at 60 you can tap into it, but it takes focus and knowledge of self.

    Wonderful read.


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