Cultivating One’s Talent

Despite his many other flaws, Mozart was composing when he was three years old.  Most of us are not fortunate enough to have an identifiable talent at that age.  Honestly, there are many who are not fortunate to identify a talent in themselves, at all during their lifetime.  I find myself to be counted among the fortunate few to have discovered my talent for writing.  I have always kind of thought that I was good at it, and I’ve had others make comments to that effect even as far back as high school.  But back then I didn’t listen and pursued other academic endeavors, but my heart and mind have always loved storytelling, whether listening to a story, watching a movie, reading a book or writing myself.

The problem has always been completing a work.  I could start them and even get so far as a potential climax in the action, but after that, I would falter.  For a long time, I didn’t understand why.  It took me many years to figure out what I was missing.  I discovered it through role playing.  My boyfriend introduced me to tabletop role playing, which was foreign to me, but I fell in love with it, just like I fell in love with him.  And we continued to role play for all of the years of our relationship and continue to do so.  But what I learned from this activity is the profound ability to create.  I learned to create multi-faceted characters, with joy and sorrows, familial connections, drives and motivations.  I learned to create worlds and landscapes, vast and alien to what we see every day.  I have created species, cultures and histories that are as ingrained in me, as my own life history.

With this wealth of experience, it seemed to come to me in a flash; an idea for a story, with a main character.  That character began to live and breathe.  I could see her actions, wants and desires play out in my head, along with other characters, building, growing, developing…  And before I knew it, I had a complete manuscript; my very first novel printed in my hands.  The feeling of accomplishment is more than I could describe.  Since then, I have finished three more novels with a fifth nearing completion.

Like many other authors, I have decided to forgo the process of repeated submissions to agents and publishers, which equates to groveling and prostration in a form letter, and attempt to self-publish.  Of course, self-publishing has its own challenges.  In order to progress, I began a Gofundme campaign to finance the publishing of my first novel.  The generosity of my family and friends has gotten me just over half way to my goal.  But I still have a ways to go.  Gaining the money to publish is another leg of the journey towards sharing my work with the world, which is more important to me than delusions of fame and fortune.  I want other people to love and enjoy my characters and stories as much as I do.  So I request of all those who have taken the time to read this brief passage, to take a moment and look over my Gofundme campaign, which will be linked at the end of this post.  Even if you do not donate, I appreciate you reading this or even taking the time to view the campaign.  In addition to my blog, I also have a website where my short stories and my poetry are showcases, for those who are interested in my fictional writing style.  And to those who have already checked out my writings, thanks a lot for your interest and kind words.


2 thoughts on “Cultivating One’s Talent

  1. I had no idea I influenced you that much. I only wanted credit for helping you, find yourself so you can happy with your own life choices. I’m humbled by your words and equally inspired to write and work on this game 8 years in the long-drawn-out making. You are a great writer but your work in highly controversial and publishers don’t want that. They want status quo, and family joy-joy fun times. I could have just said they don’t want real life, but explaining it has more impact. I love you, woman.

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