Catharsis.  A catharsis can come in many forms.  Most of yesterday the weather was beautiful.  The clouds were full and rich; fluffy with various shades of white and cool gray.  The sky was crystalline blue and solid for as far as the eye could see.  The temperature was warm at the outset and then hot in the afternoon, conjuring bead after bead of sweat to the surface of the skin.  The sun was bright and blinding, but inviting; as invigorating as it was draining.  It was an exquisite day, with all the bells and whistles of summer but with none of the exhaustion and toil of a mid-July dry heat.

But as afternoon bled into early evening, the day turned and the sun retreated.  The sky darkened with the weight of moisture laden, foreboding clouds.  And then, after a rapid introduction by an attention grabbing roll of thunder, the atmosphere opened up and released all of its fury.  Rain swept in every direction; not just from north and south, but swirling powerfully, aimlessly, destructively.    It came hand in hand in with hail; an ice storm in seventy degree heat, and wind, which did not hesitate to whoop and holler displaying its full fury.

Another roll of thunder and a distant snap and all in the neighborhood have been cast near the dark ages; no light, no power.

Soon, and as quickly as it began, the wind quieted and the rain ceased, leaving the ground littered with hail stones, broken branches and wet, leafy debris stuck to every vertical surface.

Just like every time a power outage occurs, people began emerging from their homes, like bears waking up from hibernation at the end of winter.  The air felt cooler, crisper; as if the tremendous wind and rain had scrubbed the atmosphere clean; the only scent was of sweet rainwater; no choking exhaust or putrid garbage cans.  Everything felt new, cleansed, renewed, as though the sky had opened up its eyes and cried great, purging tears of pain, remorse, regret and finally rebirth.

We, as human beings, are lucky to experience this kind of catharsis even once in our lives.  The opportunity to expel the mental and emotional pain that day to day living can heap upon us, and view the world and yourself, with fresh and hopeful eyes.


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